Introducing H2O18

Experts in what we do

Since 1999 we support radiopharmaceutical companies and institutes worldwide with O18 water and further reagents for their production. Our clients value our outstanding and consistent O18 water quality as the basis of their radiopharmaceuticals.


Purity is a broad term. Apyrogenicity, on the other hand, is precise and our promise to you! Our apyrogenic purity has become a unique selling point over the years. Our customers can trust us.

O18 water life-cycle

Our know-how allows us to produce outstanding quality using O18 water that was already used once. Therefore, we can offer a sustainable full cycle for your O18 water. Whether you wish to buy sustainable O18 water or sell us used O18 water, we will be happy to find the best way to collaborate.

Get the volume you need tailor-made

You need one time a small volume for your institute? Or do you need O18 water for your radiopharmaceutical production in high volumes on a reliable regular basis? Together we will find the right answer for your needs.

Water is value creation

AtaChem produces O18 water of the highest quality. Our processes of production and bottling allow us to deliver apyrogenic O18 water. We produce O18 water on the basis of fresh medical water or starting from processed water which was already used once. We are able to remove all impurities, be they radioactive, organic or inorganic.




Our water is not simply sterile. It is apyrogenic. Our expertise in production and filling for you.



We are masters of bringing your process water back into circulation.



Since 1999 we produce without one single day of production downtime.

Certicicate of production

Since we became AtaChem - The Fine Water Company - we are running our own quality management system.

Our core approach is quality. We claim for quality leadership in the area of O18 water production and the required auxiliaries of the radiopharmaceutical industry.

That is why we have committed ourselves to a strict quality regime. AtaChem’s core and secondary processes are consistently governed by this. Every process, be it in production, in filling, but also the processes of management and those of dealing with our customers, are recorded and quality assured.

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You can promise a lot, but can you keep your promises? We can! We would be happy to show you our certificate of analysis. This shows our purity and apyrogenicity, which is also a promise to you and your production.