It's about responsibility

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Our Misson

Support the radiopharmaceutical and diagnostic industry in achieving leading edge outcome

Top results could be taken as a big marketing bluster. But it isn’t. It’s a promise. Our promise to you and your patients is that we will make every effort necessary to achieve an outstanding result – whether in the area of O18 water, radiopharmaceuticals, support with raw materials and excipients, or in the area of medical diagnostics.

Outstanding results include a consistently planned and adhered to hygiene chain, state of the art analytics, and production planning and execution with one central goal: ensuring a constantly available supply chain with outstanding products.

You supply your patients, we support you in your core processes 365 days a year with our products and our expertise as chemists who have been serving the radiopharmaceutical industry for many years.

Greeting froms our CEO

Love what you are doing

I am a chemist by heart. Since 1988, my life has revolved around chemistry. It’s no different for my colleagues at AtaChem, who have also devoted their skin and hair to what we do over and over again every day – the distillation of medically relevant O18 water. We want to understand and master this complex process better every day – from the starting material to filling.

I am anchored in the healthcare system with skin and hair. Since 1998, my life has revolved around the healthcare system, the
medical service processes, especially those of diagnostics. So do my colleagues
at AtaChem. We see ourselves as a service partner to all those who put
themselves at the service of the cause, the cause of the patient.


And I am a businessman, no less passionate. In this, my colleagues and I have a simple philosophy. “Create quality and productivity and you will also have economic success”. Therefore, we focus on outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. The rest will come by itself.


Open kitchen

Since we were one of the first in the global market to plan, design and commission our plant in 1999, we have been producing without downtime. Neither the production of O18 water nor the filling process has ever had a shutdown.

In these now more than 20 years our plant has been continuously developed and represents our entire experience and production know how. A knowledge and a skill which you can use to put your radiopharmaceutical production on a stable O18 water foundation.

Visit us, we are looking forward to meeting you. Good cooks like to show their kitchen. And good cooks like to seduce. Seduce you to order from us again and again.